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the barra macneils

For more than three decades, Cape Breton-based family group the Barra MacNeils has been thrilling audiences of all ages, near and far, with their sparkling repertoire, vocals, instrumental prowess and vibrant showmanship. That is why they are Canada’s Celtic ambassadors!


gunning and cormier

These two are as real as it gets. Two songwriters, interpreters, guitar players, and singers at their peak. The power of the song, the highest quality from the past to the now. It’s two friends, brothers, uncompromising performers, making art on their own terms. There couldn’t be a better time to discover Gunning & Cormier, and the power of two.

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catherine Maclellan

Catherine MacLellan, is a musician’s musician, respected by her peers since releasing Dark Dream Midnight, her first solo album, in 2004. As with many performers, Catherine feels most at home on stage. That moment of connection is what matters most.

She has been honoured with awards throughout her career; from East Coast music Awards, to Canadian Folk Music Awards and a Juno.  Her talent and spirit revered in the landscape of Canadian folk music.

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Irish Mythen

Irish Mythen is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter from Prince Edward Island, known for her powerful and emotive voice, engaging stage presence, and heartfelt lyrics. Born and raised in Ireland, Mythen has traveled the world sharing her music, and has become a beloved performer among audiences and fellow musicians alike. With a unique blend of folk, rock, and Celtic influences, Irish Mythen continues to captivate audiences with her dynamic live performances and soulful songwriting.

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